Monday, July 20, 2009

First Movie Review

So people are always sad. I have the perfect solution. I have decided to talk about two depressing movies. The movies that I have selected are Blow and Mi Familia. I think that I should start with the first movie I watched I know that there is no real protocol or anything but I thought that it would be cool to do.
This movie was so sad. Of course as a standard Psycho rule of thumb: The usual start of all psychotic behavior is the mother. This movie was no exception. She left just because Johnny Depp's father didn't have enough money. In this movie the father is played by Ray Liotta. This character was a far leap from the Goodfella we have all come to know and love. I hate Johnny Depp's mother was horrible person. After all the times she left and skanked around town and Ray Liotta took her back she had the audacity to turn Johnny Depp over to the police. Penelope Cruz was just a gold digger. And then in the end we found out that the real person was getting out in 2015.
I give it my seal of approval.
Mi Familia:
This movie started out on a positive note. Although, the movie took a ton of sharp turns you have to finish it. Towards the end of the movie you are going to see the most beautiful and romantic scene in the world. A girl who was about to be deported marries Jimmy Smits and then although things are bumpy at first you see the best song. They are washing the car and she asks him to dance with her and then after she convinces him they fall in love. You have to watch it. Just to be clear: The movie is in English. There are small parts that are in Spanish but they subtitle it.

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