Monday, July 20, 2009

Incorrect Grammar

So now i have a new complaint. My latest is that people always make opinions and then completely contradict themselves later.

Even though it isn't bad they just say that they like something and then are over it. I know that that might seem like a stupid complaint but that isn't even my main complaint of the day.

Today I decided that I am really sick and tired of people not say "supposedly" correctly. Its not like I am being prissy but people always say "supposably" Why?

I know that that is really random but I was just hoping to see what you guys think about.

BTW if you guys give me a topic i will make a blog just for you.


  1. I think you are right. People contrast themselves ALL the time. It get really annoying when they say no, but yyou have proof that it was yes. Anyway thanks for commenting on my blog. ;)drama palooza 101

  2. slang, haha.
    i use it so much. :]
    i try not to, but i think i sound funny when i don't lol