Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay so i recently watched another movie.

I would really like you guys to comment and tell me if it is a little crazy that I watch movies multiple times.

Anyway, I have to say that it is movies like Jawbreakers that give girls a bad name.

Before I get into my opinions on the movie I would like to give a little background on why I say that. So all my life I have had to listen to my dad and his friends bash on there wives. That is something that I am going to save for another post.

Also I was watching the OC like five minutes ago and Seth and Ryan (two main characters) both agreed that women are insane.

Back to Jawbreakers:

So in this movie Rose McGowan and Julia Gayheart star. Rose is the mean one and Julia is the hero.

So after they kill this girl that was more popular than Rose McGowan they find an ugly girl and try to replace the dead girl and but have Rose on top. Not sexually but-- well you know what I mean.

So it was a good movie. Check it out.

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