Monday, July 20, 2009

Okay so this is my first blog. I think that you guys should read it. The main reason is because I have so many problems with people.


MY main problem is that a lot of people pretend to care. They ask what's wrong and then you start to tell them and they just decide that you are no longer important. I especially hate it when they do that after they have done something to piss you off.

EXAMPLE: An example of this is when I took a friend to the movies. The whole time she was saying that she hated the movie and wanted to leave. First of all it was Drag Me To Hell. Just to avoid spoilers I won't go into details but after a good half hour of her complaints I had to Leave. Then she asked me why I was upset. So I told her that I wanted to see the rest of the movie. And then she said Are you blaming me. OF COURSE I WAS!!!!!!!

Anywho Another thing that i hate is posers. i hate girls who think they are emo and distured just because they are are sad with their original prepped up appearance.

I dont care about the emo part. But if you are going to act a certain way own it.

This is a pretty short first blog. Please add comments. I will write again real soon.

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  1. I agree totally with you about people asking how are you...they really don't care...try this one the next time someone ask "How are you doing today" instead of the short acceptable answer of "oh fine"..try telling them exactly how you feel and see how fast they