Monday, July 20, 2009

Sinister should have won

The topic for this Blog: Daisy of Love

So i have really gotten into this show Daisy of Love. I have been watching it since it came out. I love it so much that I even watch it live.

That is a really big step for me. I never watch shows that i like on real time, that is why I have time watner cable.

Back to Daisy of Love--

The whole time I have been rooting for Sinister. He was so funny. I am so pissed. Sinister left and London got to stay. Sinister has been bending over backwards. I think that she made the wrong decision.

I love Sinister but I really couldn't understand Chi-Chi's presence. I think that he might have been in love with Sinister. Everyone thinks that.

I love Ricky. He gave such good advice. I just don't understand why she would ask for advice. She kept saying that she wanted his advice but then she would do the exact opposite.

Why did she let London back on? The only time that I ever liked him was when he left. Why?! If thats the plan I guess that they should just start over.
Fox was so stupid. I mean he was so cute. But then he opened his mouth. Whatevs.
I hope that this post made you feel better. This was kind of like a watercooler blog.

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