Monday, July 20, 2009

I think that you guys should know why i am psychorific. It is mainly because I am a psycho. I mean i seriously just babble on. Another thing is that I notice those thing that no one else notices. Another thing is that I really love talking to people, but after I just get sick of it.

Seriously, once I texted this guy. I mean i really do not even know him that well but i love talking to him. I really don't know his situation.

We were talking. One minute he is in Colorado, the next he is in California. What is that? I think that that is the weirdest thing that i have ever heard of. Then I was talking to these other guys and then they told me that they needed me to stop bothering me. In my first blog I talked about this guy. Well he only texts me at night. Should i be concerned. Is he like in his bedroom.

If you guys have any advice please let me know.

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