Monday, July 20, 2009

Sleepover Woes

I think that I have strayed from why I originally started this blog.

I have a lot of anger that I have kept bottled for a long time and I think that I just would like an audience. So I was at a friends house just two days ago. Anyway, I always hate going there. First of all this will go back to a previous blog. She dresses emo and then says that she isn't.

In my opinion I really don't care if she wants to act like that then why not admit. So we go to Hollywood Video to get a movie. I have seen them all (Thus the name Psychorific) so I really wasn't concerned with what movie we got.

Then she was convinced that I was angry. So then she did the one thing that I hate more than anything in the world... She kept asking me if something was wrong.

I seriously hate that. So I told her that she could pick whatever she wanted to watch. I really think that that she might just be insecure. Frankly she might even be more psycho then me. When I like a guy and get all annoying and paranoid over him at least I know the guy. SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HIM. SHE SAW HIM WALK AROUND AT SCHOOL NEVER TALKED TO HIM AND NOW THEY ARE A SUPPOSED MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. MORE LIKE THE FIERY PITS.

Not that I am hating or anything. I might do something like that later on. All that I am trying to say is that if that is what she wants to do fine but why do I have to suffer through it.

Just one last thing before I end this blog. She got mad at me because she lost her hat.
(In case you are wondering why there is a pug it is because i love pugs.)

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